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Solignum Super Adherent Acrylic Undercoat 22-2

Solignum Super Adherent Acrylic Undercoat 22-2

Chris and Colin’s Description/Recommendation

Solignum’s Super Adherent Primer is a great primer for a variety of surfaces, and it can be used indoors or outdoors. It is high hiding, covers extremely well, and can be used on new drywall, over existing painted surfaces, to cover dark colors, and for bare wood or concrete. This is the one primer that will do most jobs. Available in .946ml 3.78l and 18.9l sizes. Brush Roller and Spray Application.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

Ideal for: Interior/Exterior, wood paneling, trim, metal siding and drywall.
Features: Resistant to spatter during application. First quality and easy to apply.
Surface Preparation: The surface must be clean, dry and free of dirt, oil and grease.
Remove any loose, flaking or peeling areas.
i) Previously Painted Surfaces: Wask with TSP solution and rinse well with water. Lightly sand to create a smooth surface.
ii) New Wood: Fill in crevices and cracks with shellac and apply a coat of alkyd primer #292.
Application Procedures: Brush, Roller or Spray application is suitable.
Do not use on floors, balconies or submerged surfaces. Do not apply at temperatures below 10ºC. Keep from freezing.
Clean-Up: Soapy water

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