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Solignum Super Latex Pearl Finish 22-40

Solignum Super Latex Pearl Finish 22-40

Chris and Colin’s Description/Recommendation

Solignum’s Super Latex Pearl Finish is between Eggshell and Semi–Gloss finishes. It is suitable for many areas of the home, including high traffic areas. It can also be used on Trim and Doors. We carry this product with Micro–Ban for mould and mildew areas, so it is a great product for bathrooms too. Available in .946ml, 3.78l and 18.9l sizes. Good for Brush Roller and Spray Application.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

Ideal for: Ceilings, walls, gyproc, kitchens, dining rooms, bedrooms, etc.
Features: Easy to apply, washable and resists yellowing.
Surface Preparation: Ascertain that the surface is clean, dry and free from dirt, oil, grease, wax and all other contaminants. Remove all traces of peeling and cracking.
i) Previously Painted Surfaces: Wash with TSP solution and rinse with water. Lightly sand to soften the surface.
ii) Metal: Prime with quality metal primer.
iii) New Wood: Fill crevasses with shellac and prime with an acrylic or alkyd primer.
Application Procedures: Brush, Roller or Spray application is suitable.
Apply at temperatures above 10ºC. Do not apply in direct sunlight or in high humidity conditions. Let dry at least 14 days before washing.
Clean-up: Warm, soapy water

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