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Solignum Super Exterior Latex Flat 2900

Solignum Super Exterior Latex Flat for Ceilings and Walls 2900

Chris and Colin’s Description/Recommendation

Exterior Super Acrylic Latex Flat is a premium quality, high hiding, low sheen exterior finish. It is excellent for exterior Stucco, Concrete, and properly primed wood, aluminum, or vinyl siding. Available in .946ml, 3.78l and 18.9l sizes. Good for Brush Roller and Spray application.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

Ideal for: Interior and exterior surfaces such as wood, plywood, chipboard, hardboard siding, masonry, galvanized metal, concrete, sheetrock, plaster and stucco.
Features: The product resists weather, yellowing, chalking and blistering. It is extremely durable and dries quickly.
Surface Preparation: Ascertain that the surface is clean, dry and free from dirt, wax, and grease. Remove any loose, flaking or peeling areas.
i) Previously Painted Surfaces: Glossy surfaces must be dulled by sanding.
ii) New Masonry: Should weather 60 days before painting.
iii) New Concrete: Should be acid etched.
iv) Priming: Prime first coat of this product thinned slightly with water or use exterior latex primer. Coarse concrete blocks should be filled with latex block filler. Aluminum, ferrous and galvanized metal require special primers.
Application Procedures: Apply by brush, roller or spray. Sitr thoroughly and periodically during use. For spraying or priming, dilute with water, if required.
Do not apply on wet, cold, hot or surfaces in direct sunlight. Apply at temperatures between 10º - 30ºC. Keep from freezing. Consult product MSDS form before use.
Water (if required)
Clean-up: Soap and water

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