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Solignum Acrylic Interior Eggshell 35-60

Solignum Acrylic Interior Eggshell 35-60

Chris and Colin’s Description/Recommendation

Solignum’s 100% Acrylic Eggshell is a True Eggshell finish, which is a little higher sheen than many low lustre eggshell’s on the market today. This gives it more light reflection, and better washability, and quite frankly it is a favourite of both Chris and Colin. Available in 3.78l Size. Good for Brush Roller and Spray application.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

Ideal for: Kitchens, bathrooms, areas that require a lot of washing.
Features: Provides durability and resistance. Withstands repeated washings.
Surface Preparation: The surface must be clean, dry and free of dirt, wax and grease. Any loose, flaking or peeling areas must be removed.
i) Previously Painted Surfaces: Wash with TSP solution and rinse with water. Lightly sand any glossy areas.
ii) Priming: Prime with Primer/Sealer or with first coat of this product, thin slightly with water.
iii) Concrete Blocks: Should be filled with latex block filler.
Application Procedures: Brush, Roller or Spray application is suitable. Stir thoroughly and periodically during use. For spray or priming, dilute with water.
Keep from freezing. Do not apply on hot, wet or cold surfaces. Surfaces should be at temperatures between 10º - 35ºC. Not suitable for floors, balconies or submerged surfaces. Do not ingest.
Water (if necessary)
Clean-up: Warm, soapy water

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