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Solignum Permathane Polyurethane - High Gloss 6800

Solignum Permathane Polyurethane - High Gloss 6800

Chris and Colin’s Description/Recommendation

Solignum’s Polyurethane is a premium quality Oil Based product that is suitable for most interior wood projects, including Floors. It is self–levelling, and available in 3 finishes, Satin, Semi–Gloss, and Gloss. It is a traditional drying product (we recommend 24 hours between coats), making it one of the hardest finishes available for floors. Available in .946ml, 3.78l and 18.9l sizes. Good for Brush, Lambs wool, and spray application

Manufacturer’s Specifications

Gloss: 90+
Viscosity: 38 to 42 sec Ford Cup #4
Coverage: 15.7 m2/litre
Drying time: Tack free: 4hrs; Hard dry: 12 hours; Recoat: 12 hours.

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