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CIL 77100 Dura Matte Flat Latex

CIL 77100 Dura Matte Flat Latex

Chris and Colin’s Description/Recommendation

Dura Matte is a washable low sheen finish that is suitable for most living areas. It has Ceramic Microsphere technology, and is a low VOC product. Available in .946ml and 3.78l sizes. Brush Roller and Spray Application.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

CIL ALLURE Interior 100% Acrylic Dura Matte is an almost odourless, water-based, fade-resistant paint that delivers a soft, ultra-flat finish for rich, deep colours. Its 100% acrylic formula with built-in primer adheres to most surfaces, and in most cases provides effective coverage with one, thick coat. Advanced Ceramic Microsphere™ technology creates a tough surface that resists chipping, scuffing and marking. It also includes Advanced StainBlock Protection™, ensuring an easy-to-clean finish that withstands years of wear and tear. Ideal for walls, woodwork, trim, drywall, and plaster in areas such as living rooms, dining rooms, and master bedrooms.

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