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CIL 77120 Problem Solving Primer

CIL 77120 Problem Solving Primer

Chris and Colin’s Description/Recommendation

Problem solving primer is a super adherent primer, with some stain blocking abilities. It works well over Oil’s, and can be used to cover dark colors. It will cover minor smoke stain, and is good for interior and exterior. It is available in .946ml size and 3.78l size. For heavy smoke stains, an oil based product is recommended.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

CIL ALLURE 100% Acrylic Interior/Exterior Problem Solving Latex Primer is a high-performance primer that prepares any surface in one easy step, priming and sealing with one simple coat. Perfect for interior or exterior use, its unique DevCryl 100% acrylic technology forms a barrier that blocks stains, covers previous colour, and bonds to any surface, guaranteeing a long-lasting beautiful finish.

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