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CIL 9450 Interior Flat Latex

CIL 9450 Interior Flat Latex

Chris and Colin’s Description/Recommendation

Definitions Flat is a premium quality, heavy body product, which is sold mainly for ceilings. It’s “dead” flat sheen hides imperfections extremely well, even in areas with a lot of natural light. It can also be used on walls, however is not as washable as higher sheen products. Available in .946ml, 3.78l and 18.9l sizes. Brush Roller and Spray application.

Manufacturer’s Specifications

CIL Definitions Interior Acrylic Latex Ceiling Flat provides a non-glare, flat finish that softens surroundings and is perfect for use on walls and ceilings. Long-lasting and washable, it’s ideal for use in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms.

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